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May 8, 1878
Providence Gray outfielder Paul Hines becomes the first player to execute an unassisted triple play after making a shoestring catch in left-center field and stepping on third, retiring both runners who had passed the base. The runners were out due to the rules used at the time.
July 19, 1909
During the top of the second inning of a 6-1 win over the Red Sox at Cleveland's League Park, Neal Ball executes the first unassisted triple play in the post-1900 era of baseball. The Naps (Indians) shortstop catches an Ambrose McConnell line drive, steps on second to double up Heinie Wagner, and then tags Jake Stahl for the third out as he comes from first base.

Naps' shortstop Neal Ball (1911)
Library of Congress - Benjamin K. Edwards Collection

July 19, 1911
Former circus acrobat Walter Carlisle completes an unassisted triple-play for Vernon (LA) of the Pacific Coast League when he catches a ball in shallow center field, flips and touches second base, and beats the runner back to first base.
October 10, 1920
Indians' Bill Wambsganss becomes the only player in World Series history to complete an unassisted triple play when he makes a leaping catch, steps on second base, and tags the runner arriving from first base. Silence engulfs Cleveland's League Park as the hometown fans try to digest what they have just witnessed.
October 6, 1923
At Braves Field, Ernie Padgett completes the first unassisted triple play in National League history. The 24-year-old Boston rookie shortstop catches Walter Holke's line drive, doubles up James Tierney at second, then tags Cliff Lee as he retreats to first base for the third out in the fourth inning of the team's 4-1 victory over the Phillies in the shortened five-inning season finale.
September 14, 1923
Red Sox first baseman George Burns completes an unassisted triple play against the Indians as he gathers in Frank Brower's line drive, tags Rube Lutzke coming from first base and beats Riggs Stephenson back to second.
May 7, 1925
Pirates' shortstop Glenn Wright catches Jim Bottomley's line drive, doubles up Jimmy Cooney at second, and tags Rogers Hornsby coming from first to complete an unassisted triple play in a 10-9 loss to the Cardinals.
May 30, 1927
Cubs' shortstop Jimmy Cooney completes an unassisted triple play as he snares Paul Waner's liner, steps on second to double up Paul's brother, Lloyd, and then tags Clyde Barnhart coming from first for the third out.
May 31, 1927
Although it will be another 42 years before the next one, an unassisted triple play is made for the second consecutive day in the major leagues when John Neun accomplishes the rare feat in the ninth inning, saving the Tigers' 1-0 victory. The first baseman catches Homer Summa's line drive, tags Charlie Jamieson, the runner on first, and then beats Glenn Myatt to second base, making it the first time the last three outs of a game result from a solo triple killing.
July 30, 1968
In a 10-1 loss to the Indians, Senator shortstop Ron Hansen becomes the eighth major leaguer and the first since 1927 to execute an unassisted triple play. All five American League unassisted triple killings have included a Cleveland player.
September 20, 1992
Phillies' second baseman Mickey Morandini catches Jeff King's line drive, steps on second, doubling up Andy Van Slyke, and tags Barry Bonds to complete an unassisted triple play in a 3-2 loss to the Pirates at Three Rivers Stadium. The triple killing is the first in the National League since 1927, when Cubs' shortstop Jimmy Cooney accomplished the rare feat in a contest against the Pirates.

July 8, 1994
Red Sox shortstop John Valentin snares Marc Newfield's sixth-inning line drive, steps on second retiring Mike Blowers, and then tags the runner coming from first, Kevin Mitchell, to turn an unassisted triple play. After completing the rare triple killing, a feat that has occurred only ten times in major league history, the infielder begins a three-homer outburst by Boston in the bottom of the frame, helping the team defeat the Mariners at Fenway Park, 4-3.

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May 29, 2000
At Yankee Stadium, Randy Velarde completes the tenth unassisted triple play in major league history. With runners on first and second, Shane Spencer hits a line drive to the A's second baseman, who catches the ball, tags out Jorge Posada coming from first base, and steps on second, tripling up Tino Martinez, who took off for third, to complete the rare event.

August 10, 2003
Rafael Furcal becomes the 12th player to turn an unassisted triple play in big league history. With Cardinals runners on first and second in the fifth inning, the Braves shortstop makes a leaping catch of pitcher Woody Williams' liner and steps on second base to double up Matheny before tagging out Palmeiro, attempting to get back to first base.

April 29, 2007
At Coors Field, during a 9-7 Colorado victory over the Braves, Troy Tulowitzki turns the 13th unassisted triple play in big-league history. With the baserunners on first and second on the move in the top of the seventh, Rockies shortstop Tulowitzki catches Chipper Jones' line drive (1), steps on second to retire Kelly Johnson (2), and then tags Edgar Renteria (3) returning to first base.

May 12, 2008
In the nightcap of a twin bill against the Blue Jays, Asdrubal Cabrera completes the 14th unassisted triple play in major league history. The Indians' second baseman catches Lyle Overbay's line drive, then steps on second to double off Kevin Mench, and gets the third out by tagging Marco Scutaro, the runner from first base.

August 23, 2009
After making an error and a poor play allowing a batter to reach on an infield hit, Eric Bruntlett redeems himself when he turns the Mets' attempted double steal into a game-ending unassisted triple play, marking only the 14th regular-season triple-killing. The rare event occurs when the second baseman snares Jeff Francoeur's line drive for the first out, steps on second to double up Luis Castillo, and then tags the runner coming from first base, Daniel Murphy, for the last out of the Phillies' 9-7 Citi Field victory.

17 Fact(s) Found