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This Day in Red Sox History
July 11th

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1914 Red Sox hurler Babe Ruth, making his major league debut, beats the Indians, 4-3. Duffy Lewis, pinch-hitting for the 19-year-old rookie southpaw, singles in the seventh inning, giving the future slugger the first of his 94 victories in 140 decisions.
2009 On a rare 9-2 put out, Red Sox's right fielder JD Drew forces KC's backstop Miguel Olivo at home plate in the sixth inning. The unusual play dampens the Royals' comeback attempt in their eventual 15-9 loss to Boston at Fenway Park.

2011 Robinson Cano, the fourth straight left-handed swinger to win the competition, beats Adrian Gonzalez with 12 dingers in the final round of the Home Run Derby. The highlight of the three-hour-long contest comes when the Yankee slugger gives his father, a former major league hurler with the Astros, a huge bear hug on the mound and tells his pitcher, "I love you, Dad," after he ties the Red Sox first baseman for the lead.

3 Fact(s) Found